Inked for 2 weeks!


I’ve always loved the art of tattoo and throughout the years, tattoo art has evolved into so many different styles and expressions. However, being in a country where there’s still a stigma about tattoos, there’s always a thought to ‘choose the correct tattoo’ or ‘you shouldn’t have one because you’ll regret’. There’s no right or wrong to the decision you ultimately make to whatever you put on your skin. There’s always been a stereotype here in Singapore that when someone has tattoos, they would be associated with being a gangster or being unruly. Being benevolent does not change whether or not someone has tattoos or not.

I’ve thought of having a tattoo before but as I’m someone that changes her mind really quickly, getting a tattoo wouldn’t be the best idea when I haven’t really decide what I wanted to get. I decided to try the Inkbox¬†temporary tattoo, it’s supposed to stay on your skin like how an actual tattoo would. You’ll have to read the instructions before starting out and it was relatively easy to put on. I chose a design that was the length of the design I wanted and placed it where I wanted to have it.


This is how it looked like when I just put it on. It takes about 24-36 hours before the colour completely develops.


Taken after 24 hours and I obviously didn’t apply it properly because you could see the end not developed fully.

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For the next week, the colour just slowly died off and it was gone exactly after 2 weeks. It was a fun experience as you could get to experience and experiment how it’s like to somewhat have a tattoo. I would recommend it if you want a tattoo but you’re not sure whether you want it at that area because you could see how it falls and moves along your skin.

Do you have any tattoos? Have you wanted a tattoo but hesitated?

**Disclaimer: Everything was paid by me.**


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