Truly Magical at Platform 1094?



With so many themed cafes in Singapore, it is so difficult to miss one that was like childhood. Platform 1094 is a Harry Potter themed cafe opened by the people behind Fresh Fruits Lab. Similar to FFL, Platform 1094 sells western cuisine *like duh*. When we first entered, it was rather quiet but the atmosphere was similar to any cafe that you’ll visit. It was cute that they had a shelf with wands and props if you wanted to wear them to take pictures with.


We ordered the Flamming Brew (Top; S$15) and the Butterscotch (Bottom; S$10). Either I was expecting too much or it was really anti-climatic of the flamming brew drink. It contains lime juice and rum which would be heated. You will then sprinkle cinnamon on top of the drink to create the “beautiful” flames. The thing was it wasn’t what I expected and the drink was rather unsatisfactory for me. It just tasted like lime juice because the rum was already burned off. My friend and I had the same reaction when we tasted the butterscotch drink; “Root beer?” It just tasted like root beer with a thick vanilla flavour foam on top.


For mains, we ordered the Crab Meat Aglio Olio (Top; S$17) and the Suhnitzel Sous-vide Duck Breast (Bottom; S$19). The pasta was like regular pasta and we couldn’t taste much of the crab as it was shredded so there wasn’t much taste. Overall, it was not bad but my friend only enjoyed the salmon. It wasn’t very spicy so if you can take a little spice, you should be fine. As for the duck breast, it was actually surprisingly good. I got to applaud them for actually having the flour batter seasoned. It was delicious just eating it by itself but tastes fantastic with the duck and the mashed potato. The bok choy were either oven baked or dried but who cares because it tasted amazing and I could have eaten a whole bowl of that for sure. The leaves were like seaweed chips and tasted sweet at the same time. The dish don’t look much but it does fill the tummy.


Lastly, we ordered Arendelle (S$15) for dessert. It’s a banana cream crepe with raspberry cream and mango puree. It’s always nice to end a meal with desserts. There’s nothing much of a surprise when you eat it because you kind of know what it’ll taste like. All I can say is that my friend and I thought that it was raspberry sorbet but was surprised by the light raspberry cream; and I don’t mean the foam.

Overall, the meal was nice. The place is rather quiet during the mid afternoon so it’s probably a good time if you want to have more choices of where you sit.

What other themed cafe is good?


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