3-Day Juice Cleanse Experience


I’ve always thought of trying a juice cleanse for awhile and decided to when I stumbled upon the Juiced Juice 3-day juice cleanse. Matter of fact is that there has been a lot of controversy around juice cleansing because of the lack of nutrients throughout the cleanse. Obviously that didn’t bother me because I was so stoked on trying.


You’ll be drinking from left to right every 2 hrs throughout the day. The bottles are labelled 1-6 on the cap so you won’t mess up the order I guess. Before you start drinking your first bottle every day, it’s recommended that you drink a cup of warm lemon/ginger water. I actually did as per what was recommended just to get the full experience. It came with a online journal which just states how you can go about the juice cleanse. Something that I didn’t do was to eat clean prior to the cleanse but it didn’t affect me as much throughout.

Overall, the juices were rather tasteful except for just one which I didn’t really enjoy. It has to be the Clean & Lean because it was spicy. The cayenne pepper inside really had a kick and I could feel the burn down my throat while drinking it. Apart from that, all the juices were okay. My favourite has got to be Berry Blend, it was fruity and sweet, almost like a milkshake without the milk.

On my first day, I was at home and it was the best choice I made. The amount of times you actually visit the toilet is incredible. I haven’t been to the toilet that many times that I can remember, let’s say there were many instances of the number two. I was visiting the toilet almost every hour. It’s predictable because you were flushing out everything in your system. It felt great because you just feel like you’re really cleaning your systems.

On the next 2 days, I was out so I was carrying this chiller bag with the bottles around with me. Throughout these days I was actually just peeing a lot because most of the junk was out on day one.


Before the cleanse, I actually thought I would either be eating a ton of food or not eat at all right after the cleanse. Turns out, I actually didn’t feel that hungry but I wanted to eat? It’s like you’re conflicted between wanting to eat or not. I started with soup the day after the cleanse and ate normally after.

I would probably do it again but maybe not a 3-day cleanse, maybe a 1-day cleanse would be sufficient for me as a restart for the month. Honestly it wasn’t bad so if you’re deciding whether to try it or not, go for it!

How was your experience with juice cleansing?

**Disclaimer: The 3-day juice cleanse was paid by me.**



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