Top 5 Favourite Lip Products


From left to right, down:


It’s close to the end of the month and I’ve been loving a few lovely lip products that I’ve been grabbing from my lip stack. There’re probably more tints than lipsticks actually. I’m still going to school so I tend to wear something less subtle and more suitable for it. And also because I’m part of the “lazy girl” club that only puts on sunblock and head out. I can’t help myself but always put on something on my lips. If anything, I’m definitely a sucker for lip products.

Since most of my lip products are more of a tint, they tend to be lighter and less outstanding. Definitely a must have if you’re going for the “natural” look. If you wanted something that looks really natural and really moisturises your lips, it’s definitely the YSL tint-in-balm. It’s super gorgeous and just makes your lips so pretty. I’m totally obsessed with it and have been seeing myself picking it up very often.

As for The Face Shop’s tint in oil, I was shocked at how much brighter my lips became after about 5 minutes. I put it on thinking it probably doesn’t have much colour; “like duh, it’s a lip tint”, and bam! the colour was right on and so bright but it really just makes your lips so full and glossy.

If you wanted to create a gradient lips, the ones from Lancome and Banila Co. are your best bet. Something slightly subtle would be the Lancome as you could build on it because of it’s cushion applicator. I really liked the one from Lancome as application was simple and easy, hassle-free. As for the Banila Co., you would be obsessed with it if you wanted your lip colour to stay for the night. I actually put it on to try the colour and even ate with it on and the colour was still so prominent after eating. As there’s 2 steps to it, you put the emulsion first then the gel (for the gradient). You could use it on your whole lips if you don’t favour the gradient lips.

Tom Ford’s would be similar to your high end lipstick but the colour is just so beautiful. It just makes your lips look like you’ve eaten a cherry. The colour payoff is definitely not questionable as well. As to most lip products, I’ll always put lip balm before I use all my lipsticks as I hate it when you can see the cracks; just gets to me.

Finally I have my top 5 favourite lip products for the month. It always makes me happy when I see a collection of lip products; it’s just my beauty jam. Apart from masks and every other serums and creams I slap on my face at night.

What are your favourite and must have lip products? Am I missing out on anything that I should have?

**Disclaimer: all products are bought by me/given to me from family**


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